Autoglym Perfect Bodywork Kit


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Key features:

  • Keeps vehicle looking at its best, removes light swirls and fingernail scratches
  • Protects vehicle’s paintwork against dirt, bird etching and other environmental elements
  • Improves water repellency, adds shine and aids drying
  • Makes future washing of bodywork easier and quicker


  • Autogylm Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner 325 ml
  • Autogylm Super Resin Polish 325 ml
  • Autogylm Extra Gloss Protection 325 ml


These carefully selected products below will help you clean, polish and protect your vehicle’s bodywork from dirt, road grime, repair swirls and light scratches and environmental elements. These products will restore your vehicle back to showroom finish. It will also make future washing of your vehicle easier and quicker.

The videos below is a guide to Autogylm’s 3-Step Bodywork Wash Guide to help you achieve the best results.

Step 1 Wash:

Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner is a pH neutral formulation. It is packed with active ingredients which clean your vehicle, without stripping away any polish or wax you have previously applied. Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner contains a water repellent film. As you rinse off the shampoo the film stays behind causing the water to sheet off the surface, helping you to dry the car quicker.

Step 2 Polish:

Super Resin Polish restores gloss to dull surfaces. Light scratches, swirls, stains and scuffs vanish leaving your paintwork like new. It is suitable for all types and colours of paint. It is simple to use and will never dry hard or become difficult to remove.


Step 3 Protect:

Extra Gloss Protection is a durable, easy to use sealant that forms a barrier, sealing polish in and dirt out. Surfaces protected with sealants are easier to keep clean as dirt finds it harder to stick to this slippery surface.

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