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Wi-Fi on board! The CarStick works as a hotspot for unlimited Internet use in the Volkswagen. Combined with the Discover Media radio navigation system, it creates a Wi-Fi hotspot in the vehicle. As it has its own SIM card (not included), the CarStick facilitates the use of the Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile online services independently of the smartphone connection (tethering). Therefore, users of smartphones without this function can also access the Internet without any problems. Advantage: the costs of the data services can be more precisely calculated. Better cost control can also be ensured when travelling abroad if the CarStick is equipped with a SIM card from the relevant country. Prepaid SIM cards are particularly useful for this. The CarStick can also be used according to the specific vehicle and country to create an online connection for mobile online services (Volkswagen CarNet). Simply insert into the car’s USB port, and you’re good to go.


Please Note:
Depending on your mobile phone tariff, additional costs (e.g. roaming fees) may be incurred by receiving data packages from the Internet, especially if used abroad. Volkswagen Accessories recommends agreeing a data flat-rate with the relevant mobile phone provider. Further information on using mobile devices and CarNet can be found in the Volkswagen vehicle handbook.

Only in conjuction with Entertainment package.

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