Electric charging cable, UK, 230V 1AC, 6 meter


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  • Charging cable mode: Mode 2
  • Total length: 6 meters
  • Connection: Single-phase
  • Current rating: 10 [A]
  • Infrastructure-side connector: Type G
  • Vehicle-side connector: Type 2
  • Charing power, max; 2.3 kW


  • Charging cable
  • Charging bag


  • For UK only

The filling station for your own home and en route: Electric vehicles can be charged using normal sockets that are free from technical faults and have been installed by a professional. Just like charging a smartphone, you plug the charging cable into the socket and the charging connector at the other end of the cable into the vehicle’s charging socket. Lock the car with the vehicle key – and the charging process will start. For instance, you can plug the vehicle in to charge in the evening, make the most of cheaper power overnight and then set off in the morning with a full battery. A storage bag for the charging cable is included in the scope of delivery.

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