Golf 8 [5H] Luxury Carpet Mat Set – Mild Hybrid Only


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  • 1 set = 4 pieces


  • Colour: Black
  • Edging colour: Grey
  • Type of mat: Front and rear
  • Design: With lettering
  • Coating on reverse: Anti-slip coating
  • Outer material: TFG velour, 700 g/m²
  • Fastening type: Push-button system


  • Only in conjunction with standard equipment: M-HEV mild hybrid drive system (eTSI) (0K4)

Volkswagen Genuine textile floor mats. Set of 4 for the front and rear. With vehicle lettering. Perfectly fitting and durable. Resilient. Low odour. 100% recyclable. Suitable for the Volkswagen fastening system.

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