T-Roc ‘Plus’ Carpet Mat Set


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Key details:

  • Made of high-quality velour 480 g/m² with T-Roc branding
  • Perfect fit
  • Textile binding and impact protection in the heel area
  • Non-slip rear coating


  • Satin Black with and grey edging


  • Front and rear
  • Anti-slip coating coating on reverse
  • Suitable for the Volkswagen fastening system


  • TFG velours in 480 g/m²


  • 1 set = 4 pieces

The Volkswagen Genuine textile floor mats are made from durable, high-quality velour,
and create a visual highlight that also helps to protect the vehicle’s interior. The easy attachment using a 2-point fastening system ensures the premium floor mats do not slip or turn.

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