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Volkswagen DataPlug V2.1 for app usage on a smartphone

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All Volkswagen Vehicles from model year 2010 onwards. Excludes Touareg Models


  • Control unit
  • Installation and operating instructions

The Volkswagen DataPlug transmits vehicle data in real time to a smartphone linked via Bluetooth. Together with the Volkswagen Connect and Volkswagen We Connect Fleet smartphone apps, it can be used to display and analyse a wide variety of data. For this purpose, the 16-pin connector is plugged into the vehicle’s ODB 2 interface and does not require a separate power supply.

This means that the driver of the vehicle is always fully informed about the condition of the vehicle. Compatible apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Available apps include, for example, We Connect Go from Volkswagen and Volkswagen We Connect Fleet.

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